Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Beginning

See that handsome back up there? That’s C, my hunky cop hubby, at his Academy graduation. “Academy” is the affectionate nickname that wannabe cops give to the program that will springboard them into their desired career. It was 10 weeks of mental stress, physical exhaustion, and being pushed to the absolute edge of everything they thought they were possible of. C had late nights of studying, early mornings preparing, and hours upon hours of time spent at the training facility.

Here’s the thing about Academy: they all knew, going into it, that it would be tough. There were rumors whispered, stories shared, urban legends of epic proportions. He was ready. What no one talked about, though, is how tough it would be on me, on us—the families behind the cops. While he was up late studying, I was up late perfecting the art of the military crease. While he was up early getting ready, I was up early packing his lunch. And those hours upon hours of time he spent at the training facility? Those were hours upon hours I spent cuddled up with my dogs, or mooching off some wonderful friends who, despite it all, were able to keep me fed and sane.

And believe me, no wife wants to help her husband memorize a motto that includes the line “It’s my goal to make it home every night, but I acknowledge the fact that I may not.”

... Um, was I supposed to have a say in that?

Graduation night, though, watching C walk across that stage and shake hands with the Sheriff, made every second of those 10 weeks worth it. There’s something incredibly profound about watching someone you love reach a goal, and it’s even better knowing that you played a part in that.

And the best part? I get to watch it continue to unfold for the rest of my life :)


  1. That was precious! Visit my class blog! It is

  2. ahh this made me think back to last year when I had been in your never forget those perfect creases!! lol!! It's us wives that keep those sexy cops looking so sexy ;) Graduation night was the best! I cried...I was sooo proud of him, so I know exactly how you felt!! Your blog is awesome by the way...since I can TOTALLY relate to you!! Enjoy days off because their hours are long and he wont always be home "on time," but you have to be understanding of that and not assume things...that's the best advice I was given by another cop's wife and it is so true!!